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MTN Shop supports Columbus McKinnon online training and learning programme

by MTN Productions LTD July 18, 2018

As a Columbus McKinnon(CM) distributor for over three decades MTN is committed to educating team members on proper servicing and maintenance techniques for all CMCO products. A great programme to learn the skills needed to maintain and understand the functionality of your Loadstar is CM’s online training. The online course takes you through a digital lesson plan that allows you to take your hoist knowledge to the next level without the expense of travel.

What makes Colombus McKinnon training and skills programme beneficial?

Even if you can’t make it to one of Columbus McKinnon’s hands on training sessions, this proven digital training course is a great resource. The perfect place to start your journey into hoist maintenance for all entertainment technicians and riggers. The CM Online Lodestar Maintenance Training course is packed with the information taught in CM’s proven one-day motor class and can be completed at your own pace and on your own schedule. 


Let’s be honest. It is not always convenient to take a training programme, between loadin’s and loadout’s along with your everyday responsibilities, shows, and installs we all take on. It costs money, requires travel, and if you are an independent contractor or freelancer, the cost is on you. The CM programme extends a valuable training resource to busy technicians, and successful completion is rewarded with a Certificate of Training and 4 renewal credits for certified ETCP Technicians!

What does the CM Online Lodestar Maintenance Training cover?

This programme walks students through the disassemble of the classic CM Lodestar Model L chain hoist and covers the following topics:

  • Function and inspection of key components
  • Adjusting limit switches
  • Inspecting and adjusting the brake
  • Understanding CMCO specifications and inspection requirements
  • Proper documentation
  • Understanding basic electricity and wiring diagrams
  • Performing a load test
  • General maintenance, inspection, and troubleshooting

 Once you complete the course, a test will be given on the material covered which when completed will earn you renewal ETCP credits.




MTN Productions LTD
MTN Productions LTD


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