Luxibel UVC Sterilizer: Eliminate 99% of Viruses

In the combat against COVID-19, Luxibel, the professional AV lighting brand of AED group, has partnered with PHILIPS to manufacture high-quality UVC sterilizer units to help eliminate harmful substances in the air. At MTN, we are currently accepting orders on all sterilizer units.

How to Effectively Kill Viruses, Bacterial etc in the air?

UVC technology emits UVC light which is known to break the DNA of bacteria, viruses and spores, rendering them harmless. While this form of light can be used for multiple purposes in water and air treatment, it is primarily employed as a disinfectant that inactivates micro-organisms without chemicals.

This technology has been used extensively for more than 40 years in disinfecting a wide variety of objects.


Benefits of Luxibel's UVC Disinfection Systems - Kill 99% of Viruses

Partnering with PHILIPS - a UVC lighting expert, Luxibel's UVC disinfection units are considered a positive contribution to the well-being of society. They are designed to emit UVC radiation with a wavelength of 253,6 nm to eliminate 99% of viruses, bacteria, fungi and harmful microorganisms.

Featuring either direct, indirect or hybrid UVC lighting, Luxibel’s UVC luminaires see a very broad application such as production halls, hospitals, healthcare facilities, theatres, supermarkets, offices and public transport. 

What's more? Their UVC GERMICIDAL lamps are designed for 9000 HOURS of efficient operation and can be wall-, ceiling- or tripod-mounted to suit your unique installation.


UVC Light Safety Features Offered by Luxibel & PHILIPS

SAFETY FIRST! SAFETY ALWAYS! Luxibel's double safety system features two main safety properties that protect users from unintended or accidental exposure to UV radiation:

  • Alarm Notification: Once B Direct or B Hybrid is powered on, the following features will activate to notify users the unit is in operation.
    - Sound alarm (will beep continuously)
    - LED alarm (will flash continuously)
  • Sensor Detection: The 360° motion sensor will detect the movement and within 20ms after detection, the unit will be powered off
  • EN 62471:2009 (idt IEC62471:2006) Photobiological safety of lamps and lamp systems


Types of Luxibel UVC Sterilizers

Based on the lighting system chosen, you can use the UVC Calculator to calculate the estimated treatment time for disinfection of an area to occur. Here are their four UVC sterilizer products we carry at MTN SHOP.

1. Luxibel B Direct Unit: UVC Air & Surface Disinfection 

The Luxibel B Direct (single direct UVC radiator) and B Direct II (double direct UVC radiator) can disinfect the air and surfaces up to 22 m² and 38 m² respectively. These systems have a disinfection time of less than 15 minutes and are IP20 rated, i.e protected against dust. Featuring 2 UVC lamps, B Direct II only requires half of the treatment time.

What does ''Direct'' mean? The units with direct UVC light can only be activated in areas where no physical persons are present during the disinfection process, such as before and after office or opening hours or during intermittent breaks.

As these systems directly emit radiation they have standard double security with a moving sensor and an LED light alarm and beeper for increased safety as discussed. 

Luxibel B Direct

        Luxibel B Direct    


2. Luxibel B Air V2 Unit: UVC Air Disinfection 

The Luxibel B Air V2 focuses on indirect air purification and takes care of 24-hour air disinfection in the presence of people and animals to eliminate bacteria, viruses, fungal and mould spores in the air. This disinfection unit provides coverage up to 25 m² with a disinfection time of less than 15 minutes. The B AIR V2 also comes with a standard B Nozzle that uses Luxibel's patented Mid-Air Disinfection System (MADS).

What does ''Indirect'' mean? The UVC light sources are enclosed in a housing through which air flows so the ambient air can be disinfected safely and the device can remain activated 24/7 without being harmful to humans.

Luixbel B Air V2

Luxibel B Air V2


3. Luxibel B Hybrid Unit: UVC Air & Surface Disinfection

The Luxibel B Hybrid combines both direct and indirect disinfection. It, therefore, takes care of 24-hour air disinfection in the presence of people and animals, while also including standard double security with a moving sensor and extra safety. This device has a disinfection time of less than 15 minutes, can be mounted to walls, ceilings or tripods and covers up to 22 m² (direct) and 25 m² (indirect).

Luxibel B Hybrid

Luxibel B Hybrid


UVC Air Disinfection Case Studies

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With multiple installation possibilities, these Luxibel UVC light sources can be used in offices and meeting rooms, hospitals, residential care centres, reception areas or even at home.

If you are interested in purchasing one of these Luxibel luminaires, visit MTN SHOP where we are currently accepting orders.


FAQs about Luxibel UVC Sterilizers

1. What is UVC light?

UVC is ultraviolet light generated in the 200-300nm frequency range that is filtered out by the Earth's atmosphere but can be generated for disinfection. UVC light has been used extensively for more than 40 years in disinfecting drinking water, wastewater, air, pharmaceutical products, and surfaces against a whole suite of human pathogens

2. What are the benefits of Luxibel UVC Disinfection Units?

#1. Eliminate 99% of viruses, bacteria, fungi and harmful microorganisms #2. Partner with PHILIPS #3. Can be mounted to a wall, ceiling or tripod #4. A very broad application: production halls, hospitals, healthcare facilities, theatres, supermarkets, offices, public transport, etc #5. Long light source lifetime: 9000 hours #6. Fast operation: 15 minutes #7. No ozone emission

3. How long does it take to sterilize with UV lights?

Generally speaking, Luxibel UVC systems have a disinfection time of less than 15 minutes. However, the further distance will require either longer operation times or more fixtures in the space. To have a better estimation, we recommend using their UVC calculator.

4. How to install UVC disinfection units?

All units can be mounted to a wall, ceiling or tripod for your unique installation. A mounting bracket with pre-drilled holes is supplied with the unit. More details can be found in their user manuals.

5. Are there any UVC light safety features in Luxibel products?

All direct-radiating fixtures have standard double security with a motion sensor, an LED light alarm and a beeper. #1. Sound alarm: During operation, a continuous sound will be emitted from the unit #2. Visible alarm: The embedded RED led works continuously during operation #3. Motion sensor: If any motion is detected, the motion sensor will turn off the unit

6. Do I need to clean the disinfection units?

Clean the external surfaces with a soft cloth and non-aggressive cleaning agents only. Clean the UVC lamps using alcohol wipes and a lint-free cloth only

7. Do I need to replace the UVC lamp?

Luxibel recommends replacing the UVC lamp once a year and each time when its output falls below 80% of initial radiometer reading.