Lift-All Slings: Support the Entertainment Industry

Since 1964, Lift-All® has been designing and manufacturing the safest solutions for lifting and securement. They are both the largest and most-recognized sling manufacturer in North America and their products are used all around the world.

As entertainment rigging experts for over thirty years, we value safety and efficiency above all else. At Mountain Productions, we appreciate Lift-All®’s dedication to quality lifting and securement products and excellent customer service. We use and trust Lift-All® slings in our own productions and are proud to carry some of their top-of-the-line products online in our MTN Shop.

Lift-All® Slings: High-performing

Lifting slings are an integral part of lifting and moving materials because, when used in conjunction with a lift or crane, they facilitate lifting and help balance the load. There are specific standards that must be met when using lifting slings and caution should always be exercised when utilizing lifts and slings. Fortunately, all Lift-All® products have been engineered to meet and exceed all quality and safety standards.

Wide Range of Lifting Gears

Lift-All® currently manufactures the widest variety of slings on the market, meaning you never have to worry about whether you will find the right products for your individual lifting needs. Their line of Steelflex and Tuflex roundslings are among their most popular slings and are commonly found on most entertainment job sites—ours included.

Tuflex Polyester Stage Slings are ideal for easy rigging and lightweight management in situations where a GAC sling is not required. Commonly used in cable lifts, this synthetic Stage Sling conforms to the load it is carrying for reliable performance when rigging. Load-bearing yarns are protected from UV degradation and are designed to match theatrical settings.


Steelflex Roundslings are perfect for every industry, including entertainment production. These GAC slings are made from steel galvanized aircraft cable wound in an endless configuration and have a 400-degree F temperature rating. The steel core is protected by a durable, black, double-wall, polyester jacket with an inspection window for easy identification of wear or corrosion.


Wire rope is also essential when it comes to venue rigging and staging. This versatile product helps secure hanging loads and rig bridles, among other uses. We currently offer thimble & thimble wire rope slings in ½” thimble diameter and 3/8” thimble diameter options in various lengths.

Wire Rope 1/2 " Thimble Diameter                   Wire Rope 3/8" Thimble Diameter 




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