Showtec Par Can 64 (Long & Silver)

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Parcan 64 

PAR lamps or parabolic aluminized reflector lights are electric lamps that illuminate a limited area. They are often mounted in can-shaped fixtures to form a PARCAN which can be used to generate colours by fitting it with coloured sheets (i.e, gels), widely used for concerts, theatres and touring productions. 

PAR lamps can achieve a wide range of beam widths, from narrow spot to wide flood. With this versatility, one PAR Can is able to produce a wide range of beams simply by changing the lamp. 

They are differentiated according to their diameter, which is measured in eighths of an inch. Therefore, a PAR 64 lamp is two inches in diameter (64/8 = 8 inch or 203mm). 


    • Par: 64
    • Lamp socket: GX16D
    • Max. capacity: 1000W
    • Power Supply: 230V
    • Connector: Schuko
    • Cable: 80 cm
    • Filter frame: Included
    • Dimensions: 430 x 265 x 367 mm (LxWxH)
    • Weight: 1,92 kg

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