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Rigid Style Chain Hoist Bag


Size & Style

Our chain bag inventory is extensive, offering multiple styles and sizes of chain bags to accommodate nearly any hoist application. For a permanent chain bag solution, we have developed the Rigid Style Chain Bag. This chain container is only compatible with chain hoists in the motor up position, which is commonly seen in trussing and roof grids. The Rigid Style Chain Bag is made out of high-strength vinyl mesh and reinforced with nylon strapping.

Installing the Rigid Style Chain Bag is simple, requiring only a few nuts, bolts, and washers. We make our chain bags to order and only use the highest quality materials in manufacturing. We’re experts in chain bag design, and have the variety of chain bag styles to meet the needs of any customer.


• Steel frame opening allows chain to easily enter and exit bag during usage

• Dual sewn edging helps extend the life span of chain bag

• Reinforced nylon strapping strengthens bag to prevent chain blow-outs

• Flame retardant

• Designed for any application 

Shipping Rates

Ireland & U.K. Rest of EU
€0 - 150 €15 €17,35
€150 - €250 Free €17,35
€250 - €800 Free €32
€800 - €2000 Free Free
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