• Kong - Aluminum Carabiner Paddle - Bent Gate - Black

Kong - Aluminum Carabiner Paddle - Bent Gate - Black (5 Units)

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Kong - Aluminum Carabiner Paddle - Bent Gate - Black

Aluminum carabiner with curved gate and extra large opening.

The KONG Paddle carabiner is made of aluminum with a curved gate and an extra large gate opening of 32 mm, which means that materials with a diameter of 32 mm can be "embraced". Originally, the KONG Paddle was designed to "embrace" the handle of a paddle, e.g. on a kayak or canoe, and to protect it against loss in the water. However, due to its considerable snap opening, the KONG Paddle has found many other uses and enthusiasts. Especially popular also with owners of strollers, buggies or similar vehicles. The KONG Paddle can be used to hook bags, pouches or transport sacks onto the crossbar of the stroller and also to unhook them quickly, safely and conveniently. Anyone who pushes a stroller knows how important it is to have the entire contents of diaper bags always at hand. You can also secure the stroller itself against "rolling away", for example, by using an additional loop to create a fixed point / anchor point. Also in strong winds or on sloping surfaces, in the car, on the train, when you just have to park the stroller and secure it against slipping or rolling away.

The KONG Paddle meets the CE standard for snap hooks in sports (EN12275). The KONG Paddle weighs either 71 g, if you put the variant with the wire shackle on the scale or 80 g as a model with a solid snap lock. The load capacity of 22 kN (2.2 to) will probably not be embarrassed by the kayak paddle or on the stroller or buggie, because basically the KONG Paddle is designed as PSAgA, i.e. personal protective equipment against falls from a height of people.

The KONG Paddle has an individual serial numbering, which makes a unique identification of each individual copy possible. The 100% quality control in the house KONG Italy takes place of course also with the Paddle. Each carabiner is loaded once to approx. 2/3 of its breakage value before it leaves KONG Italy. In the case of the paddle, this means approx. 1400 kg or 1.4 tons. In all probability, the karabiner will not have to withstand this value a second time during its lifetime, ... but could withstand considerably more.

All KONG Paddle snap hooks are completely manufactured in Italy.



Material Aluminium
System Keylock
Minimum breaking load closed [kN] 22
Minimum breaking load open [kN] 7
Minimum breaking load transverse [kN] 8
Snapper Massive
Snap opening [mm] 32
Finish Polished | Anodized
Weight approx. 80 g
Identification Individual numbering
Standards CE • EN 12275 • UIAA

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