• Kong - Aluminum Carabiner Hms Napik Screw - Orange/Gray/Blank

Kong - Aluminum Carabiner Hms Napik Screw - Orange/Gray/Blank (5 Units)

Product No. 787MA0ODPKK-5

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Kong - Aluminum Carabiner Hms Napik Screw - Orange/Gray/Blank

Very light and slightly smaller HMS carabiner, compared to classic HMS carabiners, but with a high breaking load. The NAPIK carabiner is made of aluminum and available as screw, autoblock, and TwistLock closure.

The classic pear-shaped HMS carabiner is ideal for belay systems with a mast throw or a half mast throw. Optimal for all belay and anchor systems, can also be attached to a climbing harness.

Typical of KONG Italy carabiners, the screw or sleeve with very good grip, also extremely easy to use when the user wears gloves or the carabiner is once dirty or even full of snow or ice.

Also this carabiner, as 100% of all PSA carabiners from KONG Italy, is loaded with 2/3 of the guaranteed breaking load before delivery. The carabiner has a round cross-section, the best shape for slip knots, as the ropes and slings are in full contact with the material and not, as in other "T-structures" or "Beam" shaped carabiners, where ropes and slings can only partially rest due to the shape. Very gentle on ropes, cords and loop material.



Material Aluminium
System Keylock
Minimum breaking load closed [kN] 23
Minimum breaking load transverse [kN] 8
Screwlock catch opening [mm] 23
Twistlock catch opening [mm] 23
Trilock catch opening [mm] 22,5
Finish Polished | Anodized
Black is beautiful Available in black
Weight approx. 80 g | ca. 85 g | ca. 85 g
Identification Individual numbering
Standards CE • EN 12275 • EN 362/B • UIAA

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