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Helmet Ear muffs for Kask


• Earmuff adapters required for use with Super Plasma/Plasma/HP Helmets.
• No extra fixings required when attaching to Zenith Helmets.
• Compatible with Kask, Petzl and more

Ear Protection Level
Need a pair of Earmuff Adapters?

Helmet Ear muffs - Ear muff Adapters Required for KASK Super Plasma / Plasma / HP Helmet Attachment

Compatible with KASK, Petzl and Centurion helmets/hard hats (a lot more), they are ideal for any work that requires head and hearing protection. Their durable construction withstands rough environments and the slim design reduces the risk of snagging in branches or confined areas.

Featuring 3 wearing positions, you can park the earmuffs on the rear of the helmet when not in use, put them in stand-by position slightly off the ears, and push them inwards into working position covering the ears.

Green Ear Defenders (Class 4)

Style: Very slim and lightweight

Weight: 250g

SNR / NRR: 25 / 22

SLC80: 25

HML: 27-23-16

Protection: Suitable for low to medium noise levels, between 75-90 dB 

Ideal for: Noise protection in many different work environments, e.g. general manufacturing industries, working with electric power tools and for short term noise exposures.

Yellow Ear Defenders (Class 5) 

Weight: 271g

SNR / NRR: 29 / 24

SLC80: 28

HML: 31-27-19

Protection: Suitable for medium to high noise levels, between 90-110 dB

Ideal for: Noise protection in environments e.g building and construction, heavy industrial work and long term noise exposures.

Orange Ear Defenders (Class 5)

Weight: 300g

SNR / NRR: 31 / 27

SLC80: 31

HML: 32-29-21

Protection: Suitable for high to very high noise levels, between 100-115 dB

Ideal for: Situations where the noise is dominated by low frequencies, a type of noise that masks out speech and other important sounds as well as causing stress and nausea.

Safety Standards

  • CSA Class: B
  • ANSI approval: ANSI S-3.19-1974
  • AU/NZS approval: AU/NZS 1270:2002
  • Environmental approvals: ROHS, REACH
  • EN standards approval: EN352-3


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