• Work Positioning Lanyard - 2m. Supplied by MTN Shop EU
  • Work Positioning Lanyard - 2m. Supplied by MTN Shop EU

Work Positioning Lanyard

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Work Positioning Lanyard - Zomby

The work positioning lanyard is the component of the personal protective equipment for the prevention of falls from a height. It supports your body securely in place while allowing you to perform often delicate tasks with both hands at elevated heights. 

The worker is supported by connecting one end of their lanyard to their body harness and the other end to a secured anchor point. This will allow the worker to remain in a working position (fixed position) with both hands free. The free fall must be limited to 2 feet or less.

A work positioning lanyard is not a fall arrest lanyard and it would be very dangerous to use for this purpose. A fall arrest system should be used in conjunction with a work positioning system when the user is at an elevated height. 

This work positioning lanyard is very useful for performing the pillars, trees, lattice constructions etc. 

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  • The Zomby offers adjustability allowing a working length of up to 2m
  • The adjustment is made using a compact and easy to use the device
  • The flat hooks allow attachment to remote positions, or back to the user’s harness for ‘double-back’ use
  • The lanyard has a protective sheath to prevent abrasion
  • The Zomby can be used as a work-positioning device on its own, or in conjunction with a shock absorber as a fall arrest device
  • Suitable for telecoms, utilities 


  • Rope Diameter: 12mm
  • Working Length: 2m
  • Material: Polyester Kernmantle Rope
  • Standard: Conforms to EN358:1999 –PPE against falls from height –work positioning systems –belts and lanyards

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