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Doughty Rail - Unistrut Channel Nut [Multi-Pack]


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Doughty Rail - Unistrut Channel Nut

The Doughty Unistruct Channel Nuts are designed to work with different Doughty Rail components for installing the curtain rail system. M6 unistrut nuts are supplied with each Doughty Rail component as required. Other sizes - M18 and M10 -  are available. This channel nut is rectangular with the ends so shaped as to permit a quarter turn crosswise in the rail section after being inserted through the slotted opening in the channel.

The two grooves along the edge of the nut have small gripping teeth that engage the inturned edges of the channel and, after bolting operations are completed, will prevent any longitudinal movement of the bolt and nut within the Doughty Rail section.


With a threaded hole through the center, Unistrut Channel Nuts are easily combined with different Doughty Rail components, such as wall bracket, ceiling bracket, and corner bracket. Secured in place with standard M6 Unistrut nuts, the components enable Doughy rail sections to be fixed to different structures. Examples are as below. Please read the Doughty Rail User Manual carefully before the installation.

Doughty Rail - Compact Curtain Rail System



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