• Doughty M12 Eye Bolts (Steel)- 3 Options- MTN Shop EU
  • Doughty M12 Eye Bolts (Steel)- 3 Options- MTN Shop EU

Doughty M12 Eye Bolts

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M12 Eye Bolts

What is an Eye Bolt?
An eye bolt, consisting of a threaded shank/rod with a ring at one end, is one of the most commonly used gear in material handling and lifting industry.

The threaded shank can be securely screwed into a structure. Once the bolt is secured in place, ropes or cables can be anchored to or fed through the protruding ring. 

Different types of Eye Bolts: 

Many eye bolt types on the market for different uses. Generally speaking, heavy-duty eyebolts can be used in rigging for lifting heavy loads, whereas smaller eyebolts for tensioning wires, securing loads and in other non-load bearing applications. There are 2 common types widely used- Collar eye bolts and dynamo eye bolts - and are covered by the British Stanard 4278.

- Dynamo Eye Bolts: It is relatively low cost with larger ring diameter, for axial lifting (not for an angled lift) only. Usually, it can be used only a few times during the lifetime of the equipment they were screwed into.

- Collar Eye Bolts: With a large collar between the eye and the screw thread, it can be used for both axial and non-axial lifting. SWL has to be reduced by the appropriate factor for non-axial lifting. For the SWL reduction, please refer to the BS 4278:1984 attached below. When the collar is screwed firmly down onto a machined face, it can support the eye and prevent any bending of the screw thread. The smaller ring diameter also minimizes the leverage.

Eye bolt sizes:

On MTN Shop, you can find M6, M8, M10 and M12 Eye Bolts. Doughty eye bolts are a Steel Eye with male thread and zinc plated finish. Multiple options are available. For eye bolt inspection, material details, care & maintenance etc, please refer to the British Standard 4278:1984 below or contact us via Chat.

British Standard 4278:1984 - Datasheet (DIN 580 & BS 4278:1984)


  • Material: Hardened and Tempered
  • Eye Bolt size: M12
  • SWL: 340 kg complied to DIN580; 400kg complied to BS 4278
  • Dimension: Please refer to the datasheet above
  • Recommended WLL for Angled lifting: Please refer to the datasheet above

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