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Lower Hook Pin

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The Lower Hook Pin secures the Lower Hook to the Lower Hook Body. It is compatible with any Lodestar Single Reeved Hoists (Model B, C, F, J, L & R).

Lower Hook Pin Handling

Care must be taken when removing or installing a lower hook pin in order to prevent pin and/or hook block damages. These pins are tapered groove pins so they can only be removed in one direction. 

To remove the pin, a V-Block, drift and hammer (or slow acting press) are required. The drift should be the same diameter as the pin:

  • Models B, C & F: 5/16” or 7.94mm diameter
  • Models J, JJ, L, LL, R, & RR: 3/8” or 9.52mm diameter

The drift should be placed on the small end of the pin. The small end of the pin is the end opposite the end on which the 3 grooves are visible. Place the hook block in the V-Block and drive the pin out using the drift and a hammer or slow acting press.

Use of improper lower hook chain block pin, as well as improper installation of the pin, can cause the pin to break and allow the load to fall.

For more details, please refer to lodestar hoist manual p.22

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