• Lodestar Hoist Part - Upper Hook (Latch Type)

Lodestar Hoist Part - Upper Hook (Latch Type) - Small Frame B,C,F

Product No. 28689B

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Lodestar Hoist Part - Upper Hook (Latch Type) (V1)

This is a replacement latch type upper hook for Classic and Next-Gen Lodestar Small Frame Hoists (Models B, C & F).

This item includes only the hook. If you require the complete hook assembly for a Classic hoist, select part number 2792 for Swivel Hook Suspensions or 2788 for Rigid Hooks.

For Next-Gen series hoists, use part number 2792NH for a Swivel Suspension or 2788NH for a Rigid Hook. If you are looking for a Latchlok type hook, select part number 28643.

On latch type hooks, please check to make sure that the latch is not damaged or bent and that it operates properly with sufficient spring pressure to keep the latch tightly against the tip of the hook and allow the latch to spring back to the tip when released. If the latch does not operate properly, it should be replaced. See figure below to determine when the hook must be replaced.

Lodestar Hoist Part- Upper Hook(Latch Type)

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