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Lodestar Hoist Part - Upper Hook (Latchlok Type) - Small Frame B, C & F


Lodestar Hoist Part - Upper Hook (Latchlok Type)

This is a Latchlok type hook for Classic and Next-Gen Lodestar Small Frame Hoists (Model B, C & F).  This part includes only the hook, for Next-Gen series hoists, the complete Upper Suspension assembly is available with a Latchlok hook, part number 2796NH for a Swivel Hook Suspension or 2790NH for a Rigid Suspension.

For Classic hoists, you must purchase the additional parts of the assembly separately. If you require a complete assembly for a Classic hoist, you will also need the following parts: 

Hook Remove Criteria

Based on 830-10, Hooks shall be removed from service if damage such as the following is visible and shall only be returned to service when approved by a qualified person:

  1. Missing or illegible rated load identification or illegible hook manufacturers' identification or secondary manufacturer's identification.
  2. Excessive pitting, corrosion, cracks, nicks, or gouges.
  3. Wear: Any wear exceeding 10% of the original section dimension of the hook or its load pin.
  4. Deformation: Any visibly apparent bend or twist from the plane of the unbent hook.
  5. Throat opening: Any distortion causing an increase in the throat opening of 5% not to exceed W' (6mm).
  6. Inability to lock: Any self-locking hook that does not lock.
  7. Inoperative latch: Any damaged latch or malfunctioning latch that does not close the hook's throat.
  8. Thread wear, damage, or corrosion.
  9. Evidence of excessive heat exposure or unauthorized welding.
  10. Evidence of unauthorized alterations such as drilling, machining, grinding, or other modifications.

Hook Inspection Table

Lodestar Hoist: Hook Inspection

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