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Shipping Policy (T&C)

Capacity Labels 250-2000kg - CM Next-Gen Lodestar


Labels (SWL/Model)

Next-Gen Chain Hoist Parts - Capacity Label

The capacity limit of all chain hoists must be displayed using this hoist capacity label to ensure that hoist operators can see that the hoist is being operated in a safe manner.

By clearly identifying the safe working load(SWL) limit of a chain hoist, worker and public safety can be ensured.

This selection of capacity labels is for CM Next-Gen Lodestar, ranging from 250kg to 2000kg:

  • SWL: 250kg, for D8+ Model F (00000213)
  • SWL: 250kg, for Next-Gen Lodestar Model B & C (00000772)
  • SWL: 500kg, for D8+ Model J, LL (00000214)
  • SWL: 500kg, for Next-Gen Lodestar Model F (00000773)
  • SWL: 500kg, for Next-Gen Lodestar Model J (00000774)
  • SWL: 650kg, for D8+ Model L (00000783)
  • SWL: 1000kg, for D8+ Model RR (00000215)
  • SWL: 1000kg, for Next-Gen Lodestar Model L, LL (00000775)
  • SWL: 1300kg, for D8+ Model R (00000784)
  • SWL: 2000kg, for Next-Gen Lodestar (00000776)

Shipping Rates

Ireland & U.K. Rest of EU
€0 - 150 €15 €17,35
€150 - €250 Free €17,35
€250 - €800 Free €32
€800 - €2000 Free Free
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