Next-Gen Lodestar Small Frame Double Brake

1 10001446 Brake Assembly - 205V Coil 1
1.1 10001252 Brake Rotor - Size 8 2
2 00001430 Brake Hub 2
3 982708 Screw 2
4 982226 Lockwasher 2
5 00001432 Brake Hub Spacer 1
6 27766 Snap Ring 1
For the DC BRAKE ASSEMBLY, the correct air gap between field and armature is .008-.018 in (0.2-0.45 mm) for models A through H. (Note: the correct air gap for the large frame version is different. Please go back to check accordingly).
The DC brake is not adjustable. As the friction material wears, the brake gap increases. If the maximum air gap is reached, a new friction disc/ rotor should be installed. 
If the brake adjustment is not right, hoist hook will not function properly.  Please check the hoist troubleshooting list on Lodestar Hoist User Manual p.18
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