CM Electric Chain Hoist Lubricants

Proper lubrication is critical for the efficient and safe use of electric chain hoists. When not well-lubricated, a chain can stack on one side of the chain bag, eventually causing it to spill out, which could cause injury or damage to equipment.  

Poorly maintained motors will not operate efficiently and could overheat or seize completely.  Protect your investment as well as your workers by properly maintaining your chain hoist.

To assure extra long life and top performance, please be sure to lubricate the various parts of the electric chain hoist using the lubricants specified below

Hoist Gears Grease 28605 1/2 pound
    28616 1 pound
    28617 4 pound
Spine on end of Drive Shaft Oil-Graphite Mixture 40628 1 pint
Load Chain Oil 28608 1 pint
    28619 1 gallon
Limit Switch Shaft Threads Use "3 in 1" or Light Machine Oil - -
Lower Hook Thrust Bearing Use Heavy Machine Oil - -

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