Classic Lodestar Small Frame - Gearing

Classic Lodestar Hoist Parts - Small Frame Gearing
627-115 27028B Motor Housing 1
627-117 927755 Suspension Adapter Nut 2
627-118 27008 Chain Guide 2
627-302 27360 Lift Wheel 1
627-307 88429 Lift Wheel Bearing 1
627-308 88429 Lift Wheel Bearing 1
627-740 927764 Loose End Screw 1
627-741 982226 Loose End Screw Lockwasher 1
627-742 954802 Loose End Screw Washer 1
627-743 27351 Loose End Link 1
627-750 85944 Load Chain Varies
627-1030 27223 Dead End Block Hole Plug 1


To assure safe operation, extra long life and top performance, a regular inspection procedure must be initiated to replace damaged parts.


  • Load Chain: A small amount of lubricant will hugely increase the life of the load chain. Keep it clean and lubricate at regular intervals with Lubriplate, Bar and Chain Oil 10-R. Normally, weekly lubrication and cleaning are satisfactory, but under hot and dirty conditions, it may be necessary to clean the chain at least once a day and lubricate it several times between cleanings. 
  • Chain Guides, Liftwheel: When the hoist is disassembled for inspection and/or repair, the chain guides and liftwheel must be lubricated with Lubriplate, Bar and Chain Oil 10-R (Fiske Bros. Refining Co.) prior to reassembly. Apply sufficient lubricant to obtain run-off and full coverage.
  • Bearings: All bearings and bushings except the lower hook thrust bearing are pre-lubricated and require no lubrication.
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