Web Slings & Round Slings: An Economic Solution for General Purpose Lifting

When it comes to material handling, slings are one of the most commonly used pieces of hardware.  They are available in different materials and configurations to best suit your needs, whether you’re looking to secure rig bridles or move industrial equipment.

When it comes to something as important as lifting, you need products that are safe, reliable, and up to the task. Lifting slings are available in a number of different types, including wire rope, chain, natural fiber rope, synthetic web sling, and synthetic round sling, to name a few. Each type of lifting sling has its own advantages as well as disadvantages, which means you should choose your type wisely depending on your needs.

If you’re looking for an economic lifting sling option for temporary work or delicate equipment, we recommend going with either a round sling or web sling.

What are the differences between synthetic web slings and round slings?

They both are usually manufactured from polyester and suitable for different lifting tasks.

Web slings are flat, soft and lightweight. They have a wider bearing surface for easily wrapping round objects and allowing a larger area for load distribution. With a higher stretch rate than round slings, web slings can help minimize shock loading problems.

Round Slings have endless loops to provide a much better choke hold than web slings and in situations where the pressure point of the load can keep changing.  This is more flexible than web slings with fixed ends. Round Slings have a protective polyester sleeve to ensure product durability and safety when lifting and lowering heavy loads, offering slightly better protection to the load.

Synthetic slings for your lifting needs

Synthetic slings are soft and flexible yet heavy-duty option for your material handling and below-the-hook needs. These types of slings are excellent for construction and marine operations, as well as more sensitive material handling needs. If you need to move expensive loads or delicate equipment with fragile parts, the softer, more flexible surface of web slings has a less likely chance of causing damage.

Benefits of synthetic slings

The most common synthetic lifting straps are available in nylon, polyester, and polypropylene. All three options have the following advantages:

  • Strong and capable of handling loads up to 300,000lbs.
  • Durable and unaffected by mildew, rot, and bacteria.
  • Excellent abrasion resistance.
  • Flexible and can conform to any shape.
  • Economic with a low cost but long service life
  • Temperature resistant up to 180°F.

Checkmate Web Slings

If you’re looking to replace worn or damaged slings, or are simply looking to add you your inventory, we currently offer web slings and round slings by Checkmate. Checkmate is the UK’s leading manufacturer of lifting and height safety equipment.

Simplex Web Slings

Simplex Web Slings are light and flexible for easy handling but are durable for use in temporary lifting applications. They are available in a variety of length options and capacities, ranging from 500kg to 6,000kg. The slings are colour coded for easy identification (colour relates to capacity).

Duplex Web Slings

Checkmate’s duplex web slings are ideal for applications involving lifting heavy loads for construction and painting work, as well as marine applications. These are manufactured with double-ply webbing for extra strength and are available with working loads ranging 1,000kg to 12,000kg. Duplex slings have a higher load capacity than Simplex slings. They are also colour coded for easy identification.

Duplex Webbing Sling

Checkmate Duplex Webbing Sling

Quadplex Web Slings

The Quadplex web slings have a much higher load capacity than both Simplex and Duplex web slings and are ideal for general purpose lifting and lifting expensive loads and delicate equipment.  These heavy-duty lifting slings are available in a variety of lengths with capacity ranging from 16,000KG - 24,000KG. They are also available in a side-by-side option for load distribution over a greater area. (such as for lifting boats).

Round Slings

Checkmate’s round slings are constructed of high tenacity polyester yarn encased in a color-coded tubular sleeve of durable woven polyester fabric. This design allows for durable gear that can transport immense weights safely and securely. These colour-coded slings have an SWL ranging from 1,000kg up to 10,000kg.

Polyester Round Sling
Checkmate Polyester Round Sling

Heavy-Duty Round Slings

For applications that require a stronger, more durable sling, Checkmate’s heavy-duty round slings fit the bill. While still light and flexible for easy handling, they retain their durability through precise construction. These industrial-strength slings have a load capacity from 15,000kg up to 100,000kg.

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