Prolyte LED Support System Added to MTN Shop

Here at MTN Shop, we take pride in the range of products we carry, their quality, and their ability to revolutionize your business. Today, we’re thrilled to announce that we’re adding the Prolyte LSU Series LED Support System, an integral part of your Prolyte staging equipment, to our extensive range of Prolyte products!

Prolyte is a leader in the industry, establishing themselves in 1991 with the introduction of their T20 and T30 systems. Headquartered in Leek, the Netherlands, Prolyte has over 25 years of experience and expertise. Since the very beginning, they have consistently added only top-quality products to their product line. We’re extremely proud to sell their products and are thrilled to have added their LSU Series LED Support System to our store.

The Prolyte LSU series is a brand new product, introduced just this year to rave reviews from industry peers Prolyte Launch LSU Series. It’s here to change the game for everyone in the entertainment industry. Hanging and flying LED walls and systems is now easier than ever before!

This support system helps you set up LED systems safely, whether you’re working with suspended or ground-level LED stage lighting. Let’s take a deeper look at this product’s features and the technology behind LED stage lighting that makes it a great choice for your venue.

Introducing the Prolyte LED Support System at MTN SHOP

Joining the ranks of the trusses, baseplates, and other products we sell, this product is a great Prolyte staging necessity. The Prolyte LED Support System allows you to support your LED systems safely. Never experience hassle with balancing loads or unstable LED walls again! The Prolyte LED Support System was created to solve this problem.

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The entire LSU series—available in three configurations—offers solutions to suspending LED stage lighting systems, all compatible with the regular Prolyte truss series. Featuring a middle beam, all three trusses can easily suspend your LED wall. No need to use the Prolyte truss in a diamond shape!


It’s the combination of the base-unit, connecting bar, and ladder truss that makes this product truly special. As a team, these three parts create a stable system for your LED screens in several configurations, saving you time in setting up your display.

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Features including adjustable feed, longer connection bars, and a side entry clamp will prove invaluable in handling your LED stage lighting displays. With them, you’ll be able to level, extend, and mount almost any type of LED panel safely and efficiently.

What are the benefits of LED lighting?

If you’re wondering about the benefits of LED lighting over traditional lighting, we can assure you that there are plenty. These lights will prove to be a better long-term investment. With low heat radiation, your venue will be safer and more comfortable for attendees. Plus, LED lighting lasts for over 50,000 hours without the need for replacements! Because they don’t have a filament that can burn out, you’ll get much longer life out of them compared to traditional lighting.

Besides their longer lifespan, this type of high energy efficient lighting produces brighter, more vividly-colored lighting. LED lights use all three primary colors to create an endless mix of colors in a single fixture.

These features will bring your LED display to the next level, blowing your audience away and keeping them coming back for more.

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