3M™ DBI-SALA® Safety Equipment Perfect for Work and Extreme Sports

If you’re looking for the leader in fall protection and safety equipment, 3M™ DBI-SALA® is a great option. With over 70 years of experience in the business, they’ve developed high-quality fall protection equipment for a variety of jobs and extreme sports.

Keep your tools close

Keep all your equipment close by with the variety of tool tethers, holsters, and attachment points we offer in our online store.

The Slim Pull Away Wristband can hold up to 5 lbs. of tools, keeping them secure from accidental drops. The sewn-in D-Ring allows for easy connection to your tools and pairs well with the variety of DBI-SALA tethers available in our drop prevention product selection.

Their variety of lanyards feature a design that works like a retractable lanyard. With a shock absorbing, stretchable design, you have complete freedom of movement while reducing the hazards of dragging, snagging, or tripping.

The patented snap hook design of DBI-SALA safety lanyards are what makes their safety lanyards so great. They are ANSI Z359  and EC compliant and easily operated with just one hand.

You can learn more about their hook styles here!

If you need a safety harness, the DBI-SALA Harness is a great option. The DBI-SALA Exofit Nex Blackout Harness is both comfortable and durable, standing up to the most rigorous work environments. Because it’s so lightweight, it won’t limit you in your work.

For leisure or at work, DBI-SALA has you covered



Whenever there’s a risk of fall, you can rely on 3M products to protect you. Their product line is extremely versatile, just like you.

You can conveniently take your equipment right from work to your recreational activities. Always be sure to inspect your equipment, store it properly, and replace at the sign of wear. Do this and you’ll help to ensure your safety so you can focus more on what you’re doing.


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