Advance to New Heights with the Ronin Lift Personal Ascender

Since the beginning of time, humans have sought to explore new heights and depths. And as our goals continue to elevate, our equipment has had to keep up the pace. From Henri Brenot’s early (and arduous) metal clamps for caving to Ferdinand Petzl’s first rope progression tools, adventuring has changed for the better.

Today, we have rope access equipment and climbing tools that go beyond what climbing pioneers could have ever imagined, all conveniently available online. One of the latest products making waves in the rope access industries around the globe is the Ronin Lift.

The Ronin Lift Elevates Adventure

The Ronin Revolution Corporation, based out of California, United States, take their name from the Ronin of feudal Japan. Ronin were Samurai who were bound to no master; they dictated their own destiny and forged their own path.

It is with this same philosophy that the entire Ronin team operates. To meet life’s complicated daily challenges and extreme adventures, they have taken their own path by forging unique and innovative products that will transform the way you work, play, and live in ways you never imagined.

Their flagship product is the Ronin Lift, a battery-powered personal rope ascender perfect for both commercial and personal use. Rugged and durable, the Ronin Lift is surprisingly lightweight and capable of lifting up to 180 kgs.

Personal Rope Ascender

When utilised with personal protective equipment (PPE) and suitable rope, the Ronin Lift is a safe and easy means of ascent, whether you’re working in an industrial field or even rigging for the film and television industries. As it can easily act as an ascender, portable winch, or belay device, it provides the security and ease to scale new heights from the most fit to the physically challenged.

Disabled veteran, John M. St. Martin, Jr. of the US Army Special Forces was one of the first to test the Ronin Lift and said

"It enabled me to do what I can no longer do on my own due to my disability. I see great potential in this device for disabled people in general, especially those who have lost a limb."  



Besides making your job easier than ever, the Ronin Lift is an easy addition to your next adventure. Because it is both lightweight and affordable, both hobbyists and professionals can enjoy verticality with Ronin. It also provides a means for physically challenged climbers to meet their dream or re-spark their climbing passion despite physical limitations. Here are some of the many industries currently benefiting from the Ronin Lift:

  1. Film & television
  2. Communication towers
  3. Wind energy
  4. Scaffolding & window washing
  5. Mining
  6. Tree care
  7. Search & rescue

More About the Ronin Lift

What items are included with the Ronin Lift?

The Ronin Lift comes as a kit. You will receive 1 x Ronin Lift, 1 x Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery, 1 x AC Power Supply and 1 x AC Power Supply Cord. (Rope not included)

How to use the Ronin Lift?

A user manual and demo video are included on the product page. Here is the summary:

  1. Load a rope through the automatic feed system
  2. Connect the Ronin Lift to your harness via a load-bearing climbing carabineer clip (Make sure no slack in the line)
  3. Grip handle with your LEFT hand and manual brake/rappel handle with your RIGHT hand. (Only place a finger on the trigger when ready to ascend)
  4. Once ready for ascent, pull trigger finger to achieve the desired ascent rate.
  5. When ready to stop ascending, release the trigger switch with your LEFT hand and engage the manual brake/rappel handle with your RIGHT hand by pushing it upwards.
  6. When ready to rappel, grip handle with the LEFT hand for stability and use your RIGHT hand to pull downward on the manual brake/rappel handle.
  7. Once you are safely on the ground and sufficient slack has been taken out of the rope, you may unclip from Ronin Lift.

How large is the Ronin Lift physically?

This lightweight, portable powered ascender is 29cm (L) x 39cm (W) x 34cm (H).

How lightweight is it?

Despite its impressive safe working load of 180 kgs, the Ronin Lift weighs less than 12 kg, including the weight of the battery. While it won’t add much weight to your load, it can certainly help you haul all of your equipment.

How is this ascender powered?

The Ronin Lift runs on a 28 VDC lithium-ion rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The battery can reach a full charge in 2.5 hours only. It’s a hot-swappable battery pack for continuous work all day long. 

What kind of rope can I use?

The Ronin Lift requires Aramid or Kernmantle static line rope 10-12 mm in diameter. If the rope is between 10-11.5mm, the rope’s elongation must be less than 2%. For rope 11.6-12mm diameter, elongation must be 3.3% or below. A rope selection video is included on the product page.

Where can I find the Ronin Lift?

You can find both the Ronin Lift Battery-Powered Ascender and spare Ronin Lift Battery at MTN SHOP.