MTN shop Proud to offer Scan Rig -TOURSLIDER Chain Hoist Slides

MTN SHOP strives to offer a wide range of products for the everyday needs of our fellow riggers. One product we have found to be a fantastic tool is the Scan Rig Tourslider which is their take on a chain hoist slider. For the past two years MTN has been a dealer for the Tourslider in Europe & North America.

Chain Hoist Sliders

Chain hoist sliders are extremely useful and widely used in entertainment production, facilitating efficient and easy cable management when using electric chain hoists. The Tourslider was ergonomically designed for simple installation with the backing of the reputable Swedish Scan Rig Brand.


Machined injection mold passageways chain hoist sliders securely accommodate hoist chain individually. These slides make the chain connection in seconds without the need for any additional tools.

Tourslider Chain Hoist Sliders 

We’re always searching for the best equipment and most capable gear to offer at MTN Shop, and the Tourslider Chain Hoist Sliders maintain our standard of quality. Once you begin using chain sliders you will experience the convenience they bring to your rigging kit and you won’t leave for a gig without them.

The Tourslider comes in two sizes based on your hoist chain, starting at medium (for use with 1/4″ and 7mm chain) and large (for use with 5/16″ and 9mm chain). Take a look at the full range of Entertainment rigging gear at MTN SHOP and see how we can help you on your next load-in.