Light Up The Worksite With Ledlenser

When it comes to productivity and safety in various industries, adequate lighting is indispensable. Whether you're working on a construction site, handling repairs in dimly lit areas, or needing illumination during emergencies, having reliable lighting tools can make all the difference. Ledlenser, the latest addition to MTN SHOP's lineup, offers a range of powerful, versatile, and durable lighting solutions for applications across many industries.

Take a look at some of our *shiny* new options of Ledlenser products available at MTN SHOP:


1. Ledlenser AF12R Work Rechargeable Area Flood Light

The Ledlenser AF12R Work Rechargeable Area Flood Light is a powerhouse, boasting an impressive 8000 lumens of portable LED light. This makes it an ideal companion for civil engineers, construction workers, and disaster relief teams, effortlessly illuminating expansive work sites, tunnels, and roads. Despite its formidable power, this floodlight remains easy to handle and carry, ensuring convenience without compromising on illumination quality.

One of its standout features is the Multi-Concentrated Light technology, which efficiently directs light, providing maximum illumination while reducing glare. With five brightness levels and a 5-step tuneable warm to white light, users have the flexibility to adapt to various working conditions. Moreover, its hybrid power system, combining a powerful rechargeable battery with mains plug operation, ensures continuous and reliable performance.

The robust aluminium housing and flexible mounting options make it suitable for diverse environments, while its high water and dust protection rating (IP67) ensure durability even in challenging conditions. Additionally, the optional Bluetooth controller adds a layer of convenience for users looking to customise their lighting experience.

Ledlenser AF12R Work Rechargeable Area Flood Light


2. Ledlenser Headlamp H15R Work

For hands-free illumination, the Ledlenser Headlamp H15R Work offers exceptional brightness and versatility. Featuring a focusable light with high colour rendering and neutral white illumination, this head torch provides constant, flicker-free lighting essential for detailed work. Its intuitive operation and stepless dimming, coupled with superior protection against shocks, dust, and water (IP67), make it a reliable companion for various tasks.

With a comprehensive range of accessories included, such as rechargeable batteries, fixing clips, and extension cables, users have the flexibility to customise their headlamp according to their needs. Whether you're working in tight spaces or navigating outdoor environments, this best-quality headlamp is designed to deliver optimal performance and durability.


Ledlenser H15R Work Headlamp


3. Ledlenser IH6R Headlamp

The Ledlenser IH6R Headlamp offers a compact and hands-free lighting solution for everyday use. Equipped with CREE® Power LED and Advanced Focus System Optics, this headlamp delivers intense spot or flawless flood illumination, catering to a wide range of applications. Its seamless dimming and tiltable head ensure customisable lighting options, while the non-slip rubber lining on the headband enhances comfort during extended wear.

With water resistance (IPX4) and optimised weight balance for high wearing comfort, this headlamp is designed to withstand various environmental conditions while providing reliable performance.

Ledlenser IH6R Headlamp


4. Ledlenser SH6R Solidline Headlamp

The Ledlenser SH6R Solidline Headlamp is a rechargeable powerhouse designed to meet the demands of general-purpose lighting tasks. With a massive 600 lumens of brightness on Boost mode and a 300-meter beam range, this headlamp ensures optimal visibility, even in challenging conditions. Its Advanced Focusing Optics allow for near or distance illumination, while the rear red light enhances safety during use.

Featuring a tough protective metal housing, adjustable headband, and simple recharging via micro USB cable, this headlamp offers durability, convenience, and peace of mind for users across various industries. 

Ledlenser SH6R Solidline Headlamp


5. Ledlenser P7 Core Flashlight

The Ledlenser P7 Core Flashlight builds upon the iconic design of its predecessor, offering enhanced lighting quality and durability. With the patented Advanced Focus System and Rapid Focus technology, users can seamlessly transition between close-range and long-distance illumination, catering to diverse applications. Its modular construction and robust metal housing ensure longevity, while the included accessories add versatility to its usage. 

Ledlenser P7 Core Flashlight


6. Ledlenser IH5 Headlamp

Compact yet powerful, the Ledlenser IH5 Headlamp offers versatility and convenience for a range of tasks. With its Advanced Focus System and variable swivel mechanism, users can customise the light cone and range according to their needs. Whether mounted on a helmet or used handheld, this headlamp provides reliable performance with its various brightness levels and durable construction.

Ledlenser IH5 Headlamp


Ledlenser's range of headlamps and head torches offer the best quality on the market. With features ranging from high-distance beams to IP ratings, Ledlenser is sure to to be an essential while working at dark!


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