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Pfaff-silberblau Hand Pallet Truck With Weighing System (HU W-20 SL SILVERLINE)

Yale HU W 20 SL


Hand Pallet Truck with Weighing System

With the capacity of 2000 kg, this Pallet Truck is suitable for transporting and weighing palletized goods and box pallets. Ideal for simple weighing jobs and a rough calculation of total weights, e.g. when loading lorries.

We also supply the hand pallet truck with accuracy +/-0.1%. For any inquiries, please contact us via chat.

Technical Data 


  • The basic truck is the model Silverline HU 25-115.
  • Ergonomic safety control handle for one-hand operation of lifting, driving and lowering.
  • Ergonomic rubber control handle for safe handling.
  • Measuring range from 0 up to 2000 kg in 5 kg steps.
  • Easy to read LCD display.
  • Accuracy:
    0 - 500 kg → +/- 10 kg
    500 - 1000 kg → +/- 20 kg
    1000 - 2000 kg → +/- 30 kg
  • The weighing system is calibrated at the factory.


  • Capacity: 2000kg
  • Weight: 76 kg
  • Tyre Type: Solid rubber/Polyurethane
  • Height of control handle: 1200mm


  • 2 x 1.5 V AA batteries (sufficient for approx. 3000 weighing operations)


  • Operation, assembly and maintenance must be conducted by instructed and qualified operators
  • Operation is only permitted on a level and firm floor/ground surface.
  • Transporting of persons and a presence within the danger zone is not permitted.
  • A presence under a raised load is not permitted.
  • The specified load capacity must not be exceeded.
  • The loaded material must be distributed evenly on the fork.
  • The pallet truck must never be loaded whilst the fork is in a raised position.
  • The high-lift pallet truck is not made for or capable of off-loading like a forklift truck or crane.
  • Never leave the load unattended in a raised position.
  • Never reach into moving parts.
  • Defects are to be dealt with competently as soon as they become apparent.
  • Only use genuine spare parts.
For more details of each model, please refer to the technical data sheet. You can also check the range of our Hand Pallet Trucks here.

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