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Pfaff Hydraulic Car Jack 3t-30t

Yale HWH 2K 3.0


Category: Material Handling

 Pfaff Hydraulic Car Jack

What is a hydraulic car jack?

jackscrewjack or jackscrew is a mechanical device used as a lifting device to lift heavy loads or to apply great forces. 

hydraulic car jack with a manual pump to lift heavy objects, such as cars, by converting small force applied to a small area to large force because of a large area of the piston.

Hydraulic bottle jack

Pfaff Hydraulic Bottle Jack can lift loads from 3 t up to 30 t and is designed lift vehicles on one side (the lifted load must be secured mechanically with supporting stands, for example).

This hydraulic car jack range comes in 3 models:

  1. With 2 pistons (HWH 2K PROLINE)
  2. With 2 pistons and spindle (HWH 2KS PROLINE)
  3. With piston and spindle (HWH KS PROLINE)

They all promise a modern and high-performance system due to its versatility and flexibility. They also ensure that a multitude of applications in workshops is significantly simplified. For any inquiries, please contact us via chat.  

Hydraulic Bottle Jack Specifications


  • Versions with hydraulic piston and mechanical spindle drive or with 2 hydraulic pistons.
  • With carrying bracket from load capacity 20 t.
  • Extremely low design with model HWH 2K/D (incl. 1 pressure section for lift extension).
  • With integrated pressure control valve for a longer service life of the jack.
  • Integrated seat valve for the controlled lowering of the load.

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