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Pfaff Hydraulic Bottle Jack/Car Jack 3t-30t

Yale HWH 2K 3.0


Category: Material Handling

Pfaff Hydraulic Bottle Jack

What is a hydraulic bottle jack ?

jackscrewjack or jackscrew is a compact and inexpensive mechanical device used to lift heavy loads effortlessly.

hydraulic bottle jack with a manual pump to lift heavy objects, such as cars, by converting small force applied to a small area to large force because of a large area of the piston.

Hydraulic bottle jack - Pfaff

Pfaff Hydraulic Bottle Jack can lift loads from 3 t up to 30 t and is designed lift vehicles on one side (the lifted load must be secured mechanically with supporting stands, for example). This car jack range comes in 3 models:

  1. With 2 pistons (HWH 2K PROLINE)
  2. With 2 pistons and spindle (HWH 2KS PROLINE)
  3. With piston and spindle (HWH KS PROLINE)

They all promise a modern and high-performance system due to its versatility and flexibility. They also ensure that a multitude of applications in workshops is significantly simplified. For any inquiries, please contact us via chat.  

Hydraulic Bottle Jack Specifications

Features & Benefits:

  • Versions with hydraulic piston and mechanical spindle drive or with 2 hydraulic pistons.
  • With carrying bracket from load capacity 20 t.
  • Extremely low design with model HWH 2K/D (incl. 1 pressure section for lift extension).
  • With integrated pressure control valve for a longer service life of the jack.
  • Integrated seat valve for the controlled lowering of the load.

How to use a hydraulic bottle jack ?

  1. Park your vehicle properly: To ensure the handbrake is on and chocks are placed securely under the wheels to prevent the vehicle from moving.
  2. Put your bottle jack under the car and locate the lifting point: Refer to the vehicle user manual for the correct lifting point. Note- ensure the ground is flat and sturdy. 
  3. Close release valve as tightly as possible.
  4. Place the handle into the socket.
  5. Pump to raise the saddle to contact with the lifting point of the vehicle. Continue pumping to raise vehicle to desired height.
  6. Secure the lifted load immediately onto the correct capacity axle stands.
  7. Safe to work on your vehicle now
  8. Release the pressure: By turning the valve to another direction slowly to lower the jack with the aid an handle.

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