• Visor Holder Safe 2 Flex

Hellberg Visor Holder Safe 2 Flex

Product No. 20901-510

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Visor Holder Safe 2 Flex



Visor solution for hard hats and hearing protection. The Safe 2 visor holder is designed to be combined with safety helmets and visors with or without hearing protection. The visor holder is suitable for helmets without cut-outs for ear muffs or ear muff attachments that are at the height of the helmet edge. 

Flex visor holder - additional sealing and optimal hold
The visor holder Flex is equipped with an additional rubber sealing lip, which prevents rain, sawdust or other foreign bodies from penetrating between the visor holder and the helmet. It is also the best option for all helmets with very short or no brim like climbing helmets.

Quick and easy visor assembly

The face protection system mounts seamlessly to any Hellberg hearing protector, hard hat and stand alone visor holder. In addition, it is easy to take off. Perfect when switching between different work tasks in noisy environments.

Two positions
The visor can be brought into a fixed stand-by position and back into the working position with a smooth pivoting movement.

Low Bracket Visor Holder
The low bracket visor holder is the best option for helmets with "cutouts" for hearing protection, because on these helmets the mounting slot is located above the helmet rim and requires the visor holder to be low to ensure a good fit of the visor .

  • For helmets with ear protection cutouts
  • Additional rubber seal against rain and dirt

Approval Information
EN Standards Approval:                                    EN 166:2001 / EN 1731:2006
Eye and Face Protection Markings:                  39B / F
ANSI approval:                                                   ANSI Z87+
Environmental Approvals:                                 ROHS, REACH


The Visor Holder Safe 2 Flex is designed for the modern driver. It securely holds your device and visor up, reducing distraction and providing a safer driving experience. It is constructed with premium materials and features a 2-way mount for added flexibility. Make every ride safe and comfortable with the Visor Holder Safe 2 Flex.

norms CE EN 166:2001 EN 1731:2006

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