Luxibel UVC Air Disinfection - B Air V2 (up to 25 m²)

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To order Luxibel UVC Air Disinfection - B Air V2 (up to 25 m²), please contact a member of our team via chat or email (, or give us a call at +353 1 691 7930

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To order Luxibel UVC Air Disinfection - B Air V2 (up to 25 m²), please contact a member of our team via chat or email (, or give us a call at +353 1 691 7930

Product details

Certified UVC Air Disinfection Unit

Lamp Lifetime: 9000 hours┋Eliminates 99% of Viruses etc┋Up to 25 m²┋Broad Application┋No Ozone Emission┋Exclusively for Air Disinfection

Manufactured in Europe with high-quality PHILIPS UVC germicidal lamp components, B AIR, unlike the direct units, can take care of 24h air disinfection in the presence of people and animals and eliminates bacteria, viruses and fungal and mould spores in the air.

The B AIR V2 comes with a B Nozzle as standard to use with Luxibel's patented Mid-Air Disinfection System (MADS).

This CERTIFIED indirect UVC air disinfection unit can be used in production halls, theatres, health care facilities, pharmacies, public transport, shops and many more.

Data Sheet & Cert - User Manual - UVC Disinfection Blog

Much of the indoor air we are inhaling contains things we can’t see:











How Does B Air V2 UVC Sterilzer Work?

1. When we are together in a meeting room, viruses accumulate in the ambient air and on surfaces.

2. If one of the people present is infected, other people in the room run the risk of being infected.


3. The B Air V2 neutralizes harmful aerosols by cleaning the ambient air permanently.


4. The unit's fan moves air through the outer housing. As the air flows around the enclosed UVC germicidal lamp, the ambient air blown out of the room can be disinfected safely.


5. The UVC sterilizer's lamps are located in a closed ventilation duct, the unit can remain activated 24/7 without being harmful to humans.

A safe, reliable and sustainable UVC air disinfection solution

Eliminate 99% of : Viruses, Bacteria, Fungal, Mould spores and Harmful microorganisms in the air
Long Light Source Lifetime : 9000 hours
Large Coverage : 
Up to 25 m²
Multiple Mounting Options : 
Wall, Ceiling or Tripod [A hanging bracket is supplied with 5 pre-drilled holes]
35 years of experience in developing and manufacturing UV-C products
A Broad-Scale of Accessories :
PHILIPS UVC lamp (TUV55W HO), wireless controller, air filters and mounting arm 
Wide Compatibility :
Offices, Meeting rooms, Theatres, Supermarkets, Factories, Retailer shops, Sport facilities, Production halls, Hospitals, Health care facilities, Pharmacies, Public transport, etc

UVC Air Disinfection Case Studies

See the Luxibel B Air V2 In Action


Additional Information and Useful Resources


Coverage: Up to 25m²
Fan Capacity: 117m³/h
Light Source: 2 x PHILIPS TUV 55W HO

Fan Noise Level@ 1m Centre: 42dB
IP Rating: IP20 (Dustproof)
Power Consumption: 129W
Power Draw: 0.369A
Dimensions: 1150 x 180 x 235mm
Weight: 9 kg
Light Source Lifetime: 9000 Hours
Wavelength: 254nm (UVC)
Recommended uptime: 24 Hours
Certified: 2014/35/EU (LVD recast of 2006/95/EC), 2011/65/EU + 2015/863 (ROHS), 2014/30/EU (EMC), 2012/19/EU (WEEE)
Air Filter Replacement: Depending on the usage (twice a year recommended)
Radiators Replacement: Once a year



  1. Select a UVC sterilizer product
  2. Estimate the room volume OR distance between the product and the working surface
  3. View the treatment time that is automatically calculated
    (By default, the dose is set to 67 J/m² that is the average dose required to inactivate viruses)



  • UVC radiation has been proven to be effective against waterborne and airborne pathogenic micro-organisms including those responsible for cholera, hepatitis, polio, typhoid, giardia, cryptosporidium and many other bacterial, viral and parasitic diseases
  • UVC installations have low capital and operation cost
  • UVC technology is environmentally friendly
  • UVC installations are easy to operate and to maintain
  • UVC radiation has no harmful effect when overdosed on surfaces, water or air
  • UVC radiation works instantly and the effectiveness does not depend on the temperature
  • UVC disinfection is a physical process: no substances are added
  • The UVC disinfection effect is directly related to the UV dose (which is the product of intensity and exposure time of the micro-organisms) so it’s effectiveness can be simply measured once the system design is validated


Social Distancing & Hygiene Collection

Luxibel UVC Air Disinfection Unit FAQs

Yes. The B Air v2 comes included with 2x Philips 55W TUV T8 fluorescent lamps

First, estimate the room volume. Then, enter the data to the Luxibel UVC calculator designed by the Prof Waclav Dabrowski institute. You will be given a recommended answer. [Disclaimer: Disinfection efficiency depends on more parameters like positioning of the unit(s) in the room, the use of Nozzle's, etc. Please contact your Luxibel UVC installer for specific advice on your installation.]

Luxibel uses scientifically proven UVC light sources by Signify (the new company name of PHILIPS Lighting). Signify together with the National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratories (NEIDL) at Boston University in the US have conducted research that validates the effectiveness of Signify’s UV-C light sources on the inactivation of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. Regarding safety concern, there is no risk of harmful radiation to people, as Luxibel UVC B Air V2 carries out the UVC disinfection process within a fully-enclosed device.

Yes, it has CE certification and is ROHS, EMC, WEEE and LVD compliant.

It is currently used in many sectors including offices, retail stores, restaurants & bar, studios, clinics and etc.

Luxibel recommends installing the product in a protected area where the temperature does not fall below 5° C and the humidity level is low. The Product functions ideally in a temperature range from 15°C to 25° C.

Luxibel recommends cleaning and replacing the lamps and air filters at the required service intervals. (Air filter replacement: depending on the usage - twice a year recommended. Radiators replacement: once a year) Before performing any service or maintenance always unplug the Product and disconnect the power supply. Clean the external surfaces with a soft cloth and non-aggressive cleaning agents only.

Disclaimer: The information in this document has been compiled from reference materials and other sources believed to be reliable and given in good faith. No warranty, either expressed or implied, is made, however, to the accuracy and completeness of the information, nor is any responsibility assumed or implied for any loss or damage resulting from inaccuracies or omissions. Each user bears full responsibility for making their own determination as to the suitability of Luxibel products, recommendations or advice for its own particular use. AED Distribution NV makes no warranty or guarantee, express or implied, as to results obtained in end-use, nor of any design incorporating its Products, recommendation or advice. Each user must identify and perform all tests and analyses necessary to ensure that it’s finished application incorporating Luxibel’s products will be safe and suitable for use under end-use conditions. Each user of devices assumes full responsibility to become educated in and to protect from harmful irradiation. AED Distribution NV specifically disclaims any and all liability for harm arising from buyer’s use or misuse of UVC devices either in development or end-use.

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