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The production of this product has already been discontinued because there is a new version [link to new one]

Sprint TL

The Sprint TL is an innovative piece of equipment meant to save your back and increase operator productivity, efficiency and safety.

  • a one of a kind order picker for tyres
  • can reach a height of 5.35 m
  • innovative Lift Compartment System can load up to 100 kg
  • compact design
  • can perform a complete rotation on its own axis
  • control panel equipped with a large LCD display showing vehicle status, system operating time and battery status via a charge indicator



Sprint TL lifts the operator and the tires, easily positioning them at the desired height and allowing faster and safer performance than manual handling. The innovative Tire Lift Compartment can be loaded with up to four tires, with diameters between 55cm and 76cm and weighing up to 100kg. The inclination and load capacity of the compartment can be adjusted simply by pressing the buttons on board the Sprint TL. The set of side guides with rollers is electrically operated to allow the sliding of the tires from the compartment towards the operator, who is thus able to easily lift them from the prepared compartment.

The Sprint TL has a driving speed of 5 km / h when lowered and 1.2 km / h when raised. Manual sensors and dual foot switches on the platform ensure the correct position of the operator while on board or while using the lift functions. The sturdy structure of the steel case and the frame allow the operator to move tires up to 100 kg safely and in complete autonomy, avoiding the risk of injuries related to manual handling.

Simple, efficient and comfortable, Sprint TL is the result of continuous technical improvements. The innovative Tire Lift Compartment is maintenance-free, while the careful selection of high-quality components and an extremely simple yet effective design make it virtually maintenance-free. It is also possible to completely eliminate battery maintenance by choosing the AGM battery option, also available for all other models.


Bottle Holder
Scanner holder
Keypad Safe T-Lock
LED Lights

Magnetic storage box

Convenient and sturdy storage box with magnetic hook. Compatible with all models of the Bravi range.

Iron bumper protection kit

3 metal bumpers that can be installed on the rear portion and on both sides of the Sprint to extra protect the standard side plastic canopies


Simple 2-wheel steer trailer for use in combination with the complete hook and step option.

Complete Hook and Step

Used in combination with the trailer accessory. Towing capacity: up to 200 kg / 440 lbs. Driving inhibited when the basket is raised.

Gate alarm sensor

Audible alarm that activates every time the gate doors open at height.


Used in combination with the side guide rollers accessory, it locks the castor wheels in straight position.

Side Guide Rollers

Available in the following sizes

  • L89 cm (L35 in)
  • L95 cm (L37 in)
  • L105 cm (L41 in)
Complete Gate Interlock

Automatic gate locking system that activates as soon as the platform is lifted. Inhibits any function with the gate doors open at height.


Platform Height 3350 mm
Working Height 5350 mm
Platform Length 1500 mm
Platform Length with tyres 2243 mm
Platform Width 809 mm
Height Stowed 1601 mm
Entry Step 356 mm
Platform Capacity w/ decks ext. 130 kg
Lift Compartment System Capacity 100 kg
Unit Weight (CE) 794 kg
Rated Number of Occupants (CE) 1
Drive Speed Stowed 5 km/h
Drive Speed Elevated 1,2 km/h
Inside Turning Radius ZERO
Outside Turning Radius 1995 mm
Gradeability max. 2%
Power Source 110/220 V ca 24Vcc
Batteries n° 4 – 6V; 245Ah@20h

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