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  • Dirty Rigger Gloves - SlimFit™ & Fingerless

Dirty Rigger Fingerless Gloves - SlimFit™


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Dirty Rigger Gloves - Slimfit

Best Work Gloves for Dexterity

The SlimFit™ range of Dirty Rigger Fingerless Gloves is perfect for smaller hands. It is the result after listening to the many women involved in the industry. 

Gloves that are large or baggy are not only counterproductive for working, but also cause injuries and even accidents. The SlimFit™ Fingerless Rigger Gloves featuring a high-cut fingerless style are specifically designed to comfortably fit those who have slim hands and allow them to be attentive to intricate tasks. When exposing your fingers is the only way to get the dexterity required, it is exactly where Dirty Rigger Fingerless Gloves come in.

After introducing the SlimFit™ range to our rigging shop, we received positive feedback from female riggers who used to resort to wearing men's work gloves that were uncomfortably big and caused unproductive work. Now, they are very pleased to get perfectly fitted rigger gloves that are also available in 3 different styles - Full-fingered, Framer and Fingerless. 

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Features & Benefits


  • Lightweight & Breathable offer exceptional all-day comfort at work where load-ins and builds can last for a whole day. 
  • Perfectly fit: The snug fit design minimises snagging and is perfect for smaller hands down to size XXS to allow every wearer to work comfortably and effectively. 
  • Specially selected synthetic leather: Not only does it provide durability, but it also feels incredibly soft on the skin
  • Airprene knuckle padding: Breathable and lightweight, greatly reducing moisture accumulation on the skin and discomfort of excessive heat due to prolonged use
  • 4-way Stretched Fabric on the Back: For flexible movement, not against you. 


  • Synthetic leather: For excellent resistance to hard graft
  • Double-stitched seams: Built to last due to its heavy-duty nylon double stitching


  • Fingerless Work Gloves: 
    - Ideal for work requiring the dexterity of fingers
    - The high-cut fingerless design keeps 90% of your hands covered
    - A solution to protection and dexterity. 
  • Durable Embossed Leather in key wear areas to provide excellent multi-surface grip.


  • Touchscreen compatible index finger
  • Eyelet hole for belt clip attachment
  • Write-on ID Tag
  • 4 Different sizes

    These gloves are ideal for:

      • General rigging
      • Tasks requiring finger dexterity
      • Loading
      • Cabling
      • Film/set/scenic
      • Camera ops
      • Rope handling

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 1 review
      Rebecca M.
      Great gloves (rigger/flyperson)

      Excellent gloves for rigging work, protection from ropes while still having my fingertips free to manipulate shackles etc. Also wear them for fly work, have protected my hands from some nasty bites while throwing pig, and five greater traction for pulling ropes jam my regular work gloves.

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