Silky Forester Pole Saw (3-Part)

Product No. 6394-300

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  • • Thin & Strong Blade; Length: 380 mm
  • • Dual locking system
  • • Highly visible grip
Product details

Silky Forester Pole Saw

The lightweight and compact Forester Pole Saw with a double locking mechanism and a thin & strong blade allows you to easily maneuver, even at greater heights and in densely grown spaces.

The aluminum pole is oval-shaped to offer you very precise control over the direction of the blade, giving you strength and rigidity over the full length of the pole saw and reducing bending to a minimum.

Rust-resistant Blade

Thin blade with red grip:
The red design makes the Forester highly visible.

Includes Convenient Carrying Case

Equipped with two sickles:
For keeping the blade in the sawing cut with the lower sickle while cutting little twigs off the trunk or pulling little (dead) branches with the upper sickle

Lightweight, Compact yet Strong

Two Locking Mechanisms (Pushbuttons & Levers):
Create the safest and most stable locking of the preferred pole length

Sure-grip Handle

Oval-Shaped Aluminium Pole:
Offers very precise control over the direction of the blade (Something you will need when pruning at great height)

Made in Japan

Made in Japan:
With nearly 100 years of hand saw technology & superior craftsmanship

Manufactured in the Ono region of Japan, famous for its consistently high-quality Japanese steel with the lowest amount of impurities

Blade 380mm(L) 380mm(L)
3000x210x55- Extended
1700x210x55- Retracted
4500x210x55- Extended
2200x210x55- Retracted
Weight 1780 g 2260 g
Tooth 7.5 teeth per 30 mm
Material Authentic Premium Japanese Steel
Origin Japan

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