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Kask Super Plasma Helmet Combo

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KASK Super Plasma Helmet PL Combo

This combo combines Kask Super Plasma PL Hi-Viz Helmet with assembled Helitalk headset and V2 silver mirror visor.

Protection: It is built with a Fluorescent outer shell manufactured from high-density Polypropylene. This material is designed to withstand significant impact from above as well as from the sides. Four fastening points of the helmet’s chinstrap reduce the risk of helmet loss in the incident of a fall.

Comfort: This KASK Super Plasma Helmet also focuses highly on user comfort. This helmet is designed to provide the wearer with perfect ergonomic comfort. 10 aluminum-grilled air vents offer efficient cooling and ventilation while keeping debris away with an anti-intrusion mesh grid finish. With this much breathability and comfort, you might even forget you’re wearing it!

Ideal for Entertainment Professionals: KASK represents a talented team of engineers that are dedicated to designing products that balance technological excellence, functionality, safety, and attractive design. KASK Super Plasma Helmets are innovative safety helmets that cater to entertainment professionals’ rigorous demands. Visit our YouTube Channel and watch all KASK product videos.


KASK Super Plasma Helmet Combo

• Air Grid - 10 Air intakes are equipped with an anti-intrusion grille, prevents the entry of debris whilst maintaining breathability

• Fluorescent Shell
High visibility fluorescent colour shell.
- Supplied with adhesive reflecting stickers for high visibility in case of the fact that the intensity of the luminescence colour will decrease in time.

• Earmuffs Fitting - Provided with bayonet socket adapter for earmuffs

• Lamp Clips - Strong nylon external lamp carrying clips; compatible with all headlamps with elastic bands on the market

• Ring to Hook - Fitted with a special loop on the chin strap which allows the helmet to be connected to the harness

• 2Dry - This high-tech and maximum comfort fabric dry very quickly, encouraging the expansion and dispersion of moisture to the outside and leaving a pleasant feeling of freshness.

• Padding - Removable and washable inner padding

• Up & Down System-  This innovative technology ensures a precise and comfortable fit around the neck. A centre wheel and two side flaps allow quick adjustment of the helmet not only in width but also in height and tilt.

• Chinstrap EN12492 - Four point chinstrap with Quick release fastening and opening in conformity with EN 12492. Provided with lateral divider for adjusting the length of the straps.

• Visor Attachment

• Outer Shell: PP Polypropylene

• Inner Shell: HD Polystyrene

• Headband: Soft PA Nylon headband

• Size Universal: Adjustable 51 - 62 cm

• Weight: 420 g

• Standards: EN 12492


Are you also looking for Kask Super Plasma visor, neck shade or others?
At MTN SHOP, we stock a wide variety of Super Plasma accessories including visors, earmuffs, neck shades, accessory adaptors, paddings, and more to offer unique adaptability to the worker’s needs. Discover the full list of KASK Super Plasma accessories now by clicking the images.


Kask Super Plasma Visor 

  • KASK Super Plasma Visor - V2 Clear
  • KASK Super Plasma Visor - V2 Smoke
  • KASK Super Plasma Visor - V2 Silver Mirror
  • KASK Super Plasma Visor - Screw Set Only

KASK Visor V2 Plus

  • KASK Super Plasma Visor - V2 Plus Clear
  • KASK Super Plasma Visor - V2 Plus Smoke
  • KASK Super Plasma Visor - V2 Plus Silver Mirror

KASK Super Plasma Visor

  • KASK Super Plasma Visor - Full Face Clear
  • KASK Super Plasma Visor - Full Face Smoke
  • KASK Super Plasma Visor - Full Face Silver Mirror


Kask Super Plasma Earmuffs

  • KASK Helmet Ear Muffs - SC1 Green
  • KASK Helmet Ear Muffs - SC2 Orange
  • KASK Helmet Ear Muffs - SC3 Yellow

Kask Super Plasma Earmuffs Padding

Kask Super Plasma Earmuff Adaptor
To install ear muffs to Plasma Helmets)


Kask Super Plasma Neck Shades

  • KASK Super Plasma Neck Shades - Grey
  • KASK Super Plasma Neck Shades - Hi-Viz (Orange)


Kask Super Plasma Padding Replacement

  • KASK Inner Padding - Plasma AQ
  • KASK Inner Padding - Plasma Hi-Viz

Kask Super Plasma Internal Winter Padding

Kask Super Plasma Carrying Bag


Kask Zenith Helmet VS Kask Super Plasma Helmet

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