Safety Helmet with Visor - Orange

Centurion Safety Helmet with Visor


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Product Details

Centurion Non-Vented Safety Helmet with Visor (Orange)

Made in the UK, the Centurion Safety Helmet with Visor - Vision Plus features moulded integrated eye protection which is anti-scratch, anti-fog and certified to grade A high impact levels, allowing for prescription eyewear to be used underneath.
Available with SecurePlus 4 point chin strap, wearers are provided with added security / optimum head retention. Comfort is not compromised thanks to
the advanced Dry-Tech Sweatband ⓘNew Premium DryTech Sweatband Provides Up To 40% Faster Drying And Absorbs 4x More Moisture When Compared To Centurion’s Previous Hydroflock Sweatband. 

Data SheetInstructions

Lightweight, Strong & Comfortable ABS helmet

Lightweight & Strong ABS helmet

Patented Accessory Slot

Euro 30mm Accessory Slot For Attachment

DryTech Sweatband

DryTech Sweatband

BSI Kitemark Approved

BSI Kitemark Approved - An Unrivalled Stamp of Quality

Integrated Eyewear

Eye Protection Integrated

Main Materials

  • Shell: Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene
    (ABS)ⓘ"A" brings heat & chemical resistance and tensile strength. "B" brings impact strength, toughness and good performance at low temperatures. "S" brings the glossy appearance, process-ability, and rigidity.
  • Headband: LDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene)
  • Sweatband: Dry-Tech (Polyester fabric) for maximum comfort, for extended periods of use
  • Visor: Moulded 2mm Polycarbonate Clear (with anti-scratch & anti-fog coating)

Additional Features and Specifications:

  • Weight: 525gm
  • Non-Vented, Slip Ratchet, Reduced Peak (20mm)
  • Integrated Visor:
    ✔ Optical clarity to Class 1 for continuous use - standard on all Centurion face protection
    ✔ Providing the highest impact protection possible within EN 166
    ✔ Moulded design provides improved lower cheek coverage
    ✔ Includes anti-scratch and anti-mist coating for improved durability and visibility
  • Approved to 
    ✔ Helmet: EN 397: 1000V a.c, LD, MM, -40°C, ANSI/ISEA Z89.1-2009 Type 1 Class E LT
    ✔ Visor: EN 166 1 A T, EN 170 2C-1,2, ANSI/ISEA Z87.1

Why ABS is chosen for the Centurion Safety Helmet With Visor?

The optimal choice to protect your most important asset
Lightweight, Strong & Comfortable ABS helmet

Made from 3 Distinct Monomers to Bring a Set of Performance Characteristics

Patented Accessory Slot

Structural difference ABS and HDPE : Complex Matrix vs Linear Chain

DryTech Sweatband

Compressive Strength: Excellent performance of ABS to maintain the integrity of the shape and resist structural deformation under stress.

BSI Kitemark Approved

Tensile Strength: Excellent performance of ABS to maintain its structural integrity when exposed to a projectile.

Integrated Eyewear

Hardness:ABS requires a very high pressure to ‘distort’ the structure.


New Dry-tech Sweatband - Superior Performance Guaranteed

4x Greater Absorbency and 40% Faster Drying

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