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Yale Harness - 1,2,3,4 & 5 Point Option



Yale Harness

In the event of a fall, a full body harness with the correct numbers of attachment points can distribute the impact/force on a user evenly. This protects vulnerable body parts such as the groin, abdomen, and neck against serious injury.

Our full range of Yale Harnesses includes single-point, 2-point, 3-point, 4-point, and 5-point harnesses. Regular and Large sizes are also available. All the clearly marked ''A'' tags on the harness are certified for fall arrest purpose.

Yale is dedicated to the understanding of customers’ needs at all levels and offers a broad range of equipment designed with the exact end-user requirements. Yale’s comprehensive range of safety products is manufactured under ISO9002 accreditation and meets all relevant European CE standards.

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A. Single-Point Harness 

  • Attachment Point: An entry-level harness with one rear ‘D’ attachment point for attaching a lanyard or fall arrest block
  • Size: Fits up to a 48” or 55'' chest
  • Standard: EN 361
  • Certification: CE 0082

B. Two-Point Harness 

  • Attachment points: 2-Point Harness with front & rear ‘D’  for attaching a lanyard or fall arrest block. 
  • Size: Fits up to a 48” or 55'' chest
  • Standard: EN 361
  • Certification: CE 0082

C. Three-Point Harness 

  • Attachment points: 3-Point Harness with front ‘D’ and 2 side ‘D’ attachment points for attaching a lanyard or fall arrest block. 
  • Standard: EN361 & EN358

D. Four-Point Harness 

  • Attachment points: 4-Point harness with front & rear 'D', work positioning belt and quick connect buckles.
  • Standard: EN361 & EN358

E. Five-Point Harness or Riggers harness 

  • Attachment points: 5-Point Harness with Rear ‘D’, 2 x Front ‘D’ (chest & Belt), Left Side ‘D’ and Right Side ‘D’ 
  • Provides an easy and quick fit to the size of the user. 
  • The Riggers harness is ideal for use on Oil rigs, Wind turbines, and other super height applications. 
  • Standard: EN361, EN358, and EN813

F. Recuse Harness 

  • Attachment points: Harness with front & rear ‘D’ attachment points with the added rescue anchorage point.
  • Standard: EN361

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