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Classic Lodestar Small Frame - Brake Parts

Classic Lodestar Hoist Parts - Small Frame Brake Parts


To ensure safe operation, extra long life and top performance, a regular inspection procedure must be initiated to replace worn/damaged parts.


A missing or broken shading coil will cause the brake to be noisy when the hoist is operated.
Any of these symptoms indicate the need for replacement parts.


The correct air gap between armature and field, when a brake is not energized, is 0.025 inches (.635mm) and need not be adjusted until the gap reaches 0.045 inches (1.143mm).
Proper electric brake adjustment is key to an effective and safe hoist operation. Without good maintenance of a brake, many hoist operation problems can be emerging:
  • Motor overheats: By brake dragging
  • Hoist operates sluggishly: By brake dragging
  • Hook does not stop promptly: By Brake slipping
  • Hook stopping point varies: By Brake not holding
A vast majority of cases can be solved by checking the brake adjustment. Please always refer to CM hoist replacement part user manual - Classic Lodestar (p.11) for the right adjustment procedures. 
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