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Classic Lodestar Large Frame - Limit Switch

With hoists that are equipped with an adjustable screw limit switch, the limit switch is able to automatically stop the hook at any predetermined point when either hoisting or lowering.
Classic Lodestar Hoist Parts - Large Frame Limit Switch

Hoist Limit Switch

A couple of hoist troubles are caused by a hoist limit switch:

  • Hook does not respond to the control station or control device.
  • Hook lowers but does not raise.
  • Hook raises but does not lower.
  • Hook fails to stop at either or both ends of travel.
  • Hook stopping point varies.

It is always recommended to refer to CM hoist replacement parts user manual - Classic Lodestar for resolving the issues.

Caution: DO NOT use limit switches as routine operating stops. They are emergency devices only

Extended Limit Switch Parts

The parts listed above are for a standard 44 thread per inch limit switch shaft. The limit switch assembly can be modified with a 56 thread per inch shaft or a 64 thread per inch shaft to increase the maximum lift. The chart below shows the maximum lift of different models with each type of limit switch shaft assembly:

L & J 127' 162' 185'
LL 250' 318' 363'
R 64' 81' 93'
RR 124' 158' 181'

 To replace the stock limit switch shaft with a 56 TPI shaft, you will need a 56 TPI Limit Switch Shaft, a Limit Switch Shaft Gear and a 56 TPI Limit Switch Nut.  A 64 TPI Limit Switch Shaft is also available and requires a Gear and 64 TPI Nut to complete the assembly.

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