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Social Distancing & Hygiene

Social distancing and good hygiene practices are for everyone to reduce the transmission of disease during a pandemic, no matter you are in schools, restaurants, offices or public places. MTN helps communities and businesses re-open safely with social distancing tapes, floor stickers and barriers, hand sanitizers, disinfectant stands, UVC disinfection lights, etc.

Social distancing, together with regular handwashing, is key to halt the spread of the virus.

Based on the UK's public health guidance, we need to minimise opportunities for the virus to spread by maintaining a distance of 2 m between individuals. This advice applies to both inside the food business and in the external public areas. People should also be reminded to wash their hands for 20 seconds and more frequently. Keep your teams, customers and the public safe with our range of social distancing and hygiene products.
• Social Distancing Tapes & Floor Stickers: 50m yellow tape printed with 'Please Keep Distance....', a couple of circle floor stickers with 400mm diameter
• Hand Sanitizers with Stands: 500mL Hand Sanitizer, multiple disinfectant stands & holders
UVC Air Disinfection: Eliminates bacteria, viruses and fungal and mould spores in the air
Social Distancing Screens: Come in 2 sizes. Offer protection from droplets, saliva and splash. Ideal for retail environments
Protective Face Shields: Protection from droplets, saliva and splash

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