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Checkmate TR3 Confined Space Tripod



The latest tripod from Checkmate has a host of new features and benefits for the user, it is super light at less than 15kgs making it easily transported, yet it is even stronger and more durable due to the new crown and feet design. The TR3 can be used with an array of other Checkmate equipment allowing for safe anchorage while carrying out work tasks and rescue in confined spaces.

Ultra lightweight, tough, and with a durable alloy construction, the TR3 tripod is primarily to be used as Personal Protective Equipment, to provide access or fall protection in confined space environments. It offers either an anchorage for suspended work or a secure Fall Arrest point if accessing via alternate means, for example a ladder (see Options below). The TR3 also provides anchorage for one winch operative/supervisor standing next to the tripod. Modes of use are shown on the following page, which also demonstrates the different user equipment required for each. It may alternatively (with different equipment) be used for goods carrying, with prior approval from Checkmate. An optional protective storage/carry bag can be supplied.


  • CROWN DETAIL - As standard, the TR3 comes with two spring loaded pulleys and an eyebolt. Up to 3 of each can be fitted on request.
  • AUTO LOCKING LEG - Legs are locked in the open position automatically during use and easily disengaged for folding.
  • CAPTIVE PINS - Legs are height adjustable using detent pins which are secured to tripod using PVC coated keeper wires.
  • WG-01 HAND WINCH - The TR3 tripod can be fitted with a 20m wormgear winch, in conjuction with FABXR, for suspended work.
  • ROBUST PIVOTING SPIKED FEET - Tripod fitted with pivoting feet with hot bonded rubber soles for soft or hard surfaces. Includes slot for anti-splay webbing strap.
  • FABXR AND FABXR-DB - TR3 can be fitted with FABXR and FABXR-DB for emergency rescue with the user descending via a ladder.


  • Load Capacity
    • Fall Arrest: single user max 150kg (+ 1 operator)
    • Goods Carrying: max 250kg
  • Height - 1.4m - 2.4m
  • Diameter - 0.75m - 1.43m
  • Folded Length - 1.5m (excluding carry bag)
  • Legs - Aluminium Alloy
  • Tripod Head - Powder Coated Cast Aluminium
  • Pin Keeper Wires - PVC Coated Wire Rope
  • All Pins and Fixings - Steel or Stainless Steel
  • TR3 Bags - PVC and Webbing with Foam Inserts
  • STANDARDS - EN795 Class B

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